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Steroids-USA are frauds. They not only sell fake Clenbuterol but also they’ve masked their real location to hide their true identity. While their “About Us” section claims they are based in the Europe, this is completely false. In fact, web review organizations warn against trusting the website with your personal info or worse trading with them.

Clearly trusting SteroidsUSA for Clenbuterol is a bad idea

All their testimonials are false and smart-crafted to lure unsuspecting customers to purchase steroids on the website. Even the claim that they work with big manufacturers such as Alpha Pharma is false. What they actually do is mimic the packaging but in reality sell non-effective or completely bogus products.

We came across several complaints on Eroids bodybuilding forum. Notably, one customer received an incomplete order whose value was not even half what he expected. He tried communicating to them and they denied that he ever ordered anything from them. When he sent the screenshots of the tracking progress, they simply ignored. Honestly, this is larceny in broad daylight. In that sense, it is unsafe to purchase any product from Steroid-USA. See here the best sites for your Clenbuterol order.


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    Account creation, ergonomy and ordering process - 2.9/10
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    Prices and products - 1.8/10
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    Customer service - 1.5/10
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    Cycle and Products advice - 2.1/10
  • 2.9/10
    Methods of payment and methods of delivery2 - 2.9/10
  • 0.8/10
    We made a real order, and the verdict is... - 0.8/10


Steroids-USA trades fake Clenbuterol, masks their real location, mimic packages of bigger manufacturers & currently ignoring buyers who received substandard steroids. Learn more here.

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