Professional Bodybuilders

“It’s for bodybuilding purposes that clenbuterol is perhaps best known, but

its functionality within this scenario is often vastly misunderstood”

Widespread misunderstanding (and spreading of misinformation) is what leads to the following observations being made (and believed) by bodybuilders regarding clenbuterol’s use within this setting:

  • It is believed that clenbuterol is an effective means of preserving lean muscle tissue
  • It is believed that clenbuterol is an effective means of increasing strength output
  • It is believed that clenbuterol is an effective means of enhancing lean muscle tissue
  • It is believed that clenbuterol is an effective means of burning through excess fat stores

Out of all of the above statements, only one is proven to be true; clenbuterol is an effective means of burning body fat. Other than that (and as previously mentioned), there is no other surplus benefit to introducing it into a bodybuilding regimen. This fat burning property is certainly worth including the compound in its own right though, being that it synergises so perfectly with other products and can lead to an optimisation of results when appropriately administered and stacked. Bear in mind that we observed a metabolic increase of roughly 10% when integrating clenbuterol. We also noted in the “weight loss results” section that T3 can increase fat burning by up to 21%.


Clenbuterol Profile

Now also factor in the fact that certain anabolic steroids have been proven to have a direct impact on the body’s ability to “digest” and utilise body fat. Whilst it is difficult to discern what percentage of an increase this would relate to in regards to measurable body fat reduction, it’s definitely going to make a positive difference. Now consider also that when cutting, one may integrate two steroids of this nature – one being injectable, and one being oral. T3 can be taken with both of these compounds, and clenbuterol can also be added into the mix.

All of these components could combine together to create an “ultra” fat burning stack, capable of allowing the user to melt through a respectable quantity of lbs in fat over the course of a cutting cycle. This is why clenbuterol is indeed highly beneficial despite its flaws and “mismarketing” – it can help the user to get a respectable degree of extra benefit from an already useful stack.

Equally, it can be used as the primary fat burning component of a weaker cutting stack for those who are perhaps less experienced with cutting steroids and fat burners in general. Provided the user’s nutrition and training principles were in check, this would still yield decent results. It’s a shame then that the other reported benefits have no scientific basis, but equally it’s not too much of a problem being that clenbuterol still manages to be of substantial use anyway.

Though we have already stated that human anabolism (or protein synthesis / nitrogen retention) whilst taking clenbuterol is almost certain not to occur, we should also consider the reported strength benefits some users have experienced. Much like the theory in regards to enhanced levels of muscular visibility perhaps leading to clen users believing that they are actually gaining lean tissue mass; reported strength gains are also fairly easily explained.

Being that clenbuterol enhances circulatory and respiratory functionality (in conjunction with several other “typical” adrenal responses), this is almost sure to provide the user with an exogenous surge or at least “sense” of energy. Should the user perform resistance training shortly after ingesting clenbuterol, they could theoretically have an enhanced level of focus and energy output. This could easily translate to strength gains.

Again, this is a case of the user experiencing an end result that they believe is due to the introduction of clenbuterol (which in a very passive manner, it is), but in actual fact comes as a result of an energy / focus surge and is in no way due to direct muscular “intervention” of any kind. As with the reported anabolism, many users are reporting “huge” strength gains on online forums (more than likely due to the above reasons) when taking clen.

Clenbuterol Benefits

These perceived strength benefits could be replicated with relative ease by using any focus-enhancing agent (even caffeine would arguably provide the same benefit.) It’s important to note that despite any belief to the contrary, there is still no proven or even vague series of scientific research results in existence to correlate with the belief that clenbuterol can actively impact strength.

This is where online forums (and even articles by fitness figures) can be dangerous as many of the people viewing them will take their contents as being gospel without any associated evidence. You should remember that when an individual says “I have experienced this” they probably haven’t experienced what they think they have; this is explained via the perceived anabolism and strength boosting effects in this instance and most largely self fabricated conclusions arise from similar circumstances with other compounds too.

Sadly, as with experiencing any reported anabolism whilst using clenbuterol; it’s the latter. Due to clenbuterol having no proven impact on protein synthesis in humans, it’s also likely to come as no surprise that there is no link in regards to nitrogen retention in humans either. There’s plenty of data available on nitrogen retention in animals however, and again this is likely why so many people still hold the belief that it can enhance muscular retention in humans too.

As ever, there are an army of seasoned anabolic “veterans” out there with mixed opinions in regards to this aspect, including even high-level professionals. This means that you’ll often see clenbuterol being touted as an “excellent” means of preserving lean tissue at the end of a cycle, with some even believing that it’s indispensable. It doesn’t help that some of the people making these claims are reputable figures within the fitness industry as this serves to add to the already enormous amount of confusion regarding this product.

It’s odd that anyone could viably come to the conclusion that they have experienced positive mass sustenance results whilst using clenbuterol, with the only obvious explanation being similar to that of explaining perceived anabolism; enhanced muscular visibility may be mistaken for an increase in available lean tissue. Other than this possibility, there is little means of explaining how one may come to this conclusion…at least not with any supportive evidence.

Lastly we have the bodybuilding-bulking phase. It’s incredibly unlikely that you would ever see clenbuterol featured as part of such a phase, with there being next to zero positive benefit to attain from its integration. One element we could consider is that it may enhance nutrient uptake, meaning that users are able to draw more “use” out of their food – this could in theory lead to enhanced protein synthesis when implemented during the post workout window.

Other than this minimal element, it’s very hard to discern any other positive benefits during a bulk save from a minimal (potential) increase in performance during training, which may in turn lead to enhanced weight volumes being lifted. You could also theoretically use clenbuterol as a means of counteracting excess fat gain, but its implementation would warrant in-depth scientific calculation as a result of the daily calorie deficit it would create.

You will find a useful formula for working fat burners like this into a bulk on some Thyroid hormone profiles – specifically relating to the use of T3 and T4 when bulking / performing an off-season. Please keep in mind that your base thermogenic calculations would be based on 10% from this product as opposed to the 15-21% on offer from T3 / T4 integration.