Diet And Nutrition (Healthy Tips)

How To Structure Your Daily Eating When Your Primary Goal Is To Lose Weight

Diet And Daily Calorie Calculator

In order to successfully lose weight, you first need to head to and select the daily calorie total calculator from the left hand menu.

Once you are on the calculator page, answer all of the questions accurately in order to determine what your daily calorie total should be.

In order to lose weight at the fastest rate possible, select the extreme weight loss option. In order to lose it at a rate that you may deem to be a little more “accessible”, select the normal fat loss option.

Provided you work with a calorie deficit that is between 250 – 500 calories, you will see favourable results so long as those calories are constructed using the previously outlined food types.

How To Structure Your Daily Eating When Your Primary Goal

Is To Enhance Muscle Tone Whilst Losing Body Fat

For those who wish to enhance muscle tone, initially you will need to follow the exact same procedure as those who wish to lose body fat; head onto the freedieting website and crunch your numbers on the daily calorie total calculator in accordance with your physical activity level.

Once you have done this, copy and paste your daily calorie total and head onto the nutrient ratio calculator. Select the “low carb” option. From here, scroll down and select how many meals you wish to eat per day – the calculator will then allocate your calories into these meals and ensure that you take in enough nutrients to sustain your lean tissue whilst losing body fat.

Just as a safety precaution, it’s important that you get a test performed to determine your current lean body mass weight in either kg or lbs prior to starting your cut. You’ll need to ensure that the provided gram amount of protein on the calculator falls in line with a 0.8 – 1 gram per pound of body weight equivalent to guarantee muscular sustenance.

Should you find that the number is a little too low (it’ll be very close) simply up the intake to ensure that it falls in line with at least the 0.8 per pound minimum. Once you have done this, you simply need to ensure that your meals all revolve around the food types provided.

So How Do I Ensure That My Body Fat Percentage

Stays Low After A Cycle?

Ensuring that your body fat level stays low following a cut is relatively simple; you need to head back onto the freedieting website then enter your details on the daily calorie intake calculator based around your current body weight / stats.

Once you have done this, you should use the maintenance calorie intake and enter it into the daily nutrient ratio calculator. Please note that you may now select a higher carb distribution (such as the “moderate” or “moderate II” options) but this may come at the cost of some visibility (due to carrying more water with a higher carb intake.)

You could also opt to stick with the low carb intake although your daily calorie / nutrient totals will be a little higher when eating for maintenance. You’ll also find that by default (again use the 0.8 – 1 gram of protein per pound of lean body tissue principle as a means of double checking) you’ll preserve your lean muscle tissue by calculating your maintenance calories in this fashion too.

Regardless of the end result you’re looking for as outlined over the course of this section, please keep in mind that you are allowed to have one cheat meal per week as a means of “re-igniting” your metabolism and spiking its activity the following day when your calorie intake is restricted again.

Top 5 Supplements For Cutting!


A certain percentage of the population, despite having their diet on point, despite training like an Olympic athlete, despite following a proven Clenbuterol cycle, will still struggle to get the weight loss results that they want.

It is most likely that they have overlooked some small aspect of their weight loss program which can easily be remedied by using the following supplements.


A portion of the food we eat is typically malnutritious because of mass harvesting practices, pesticides used during storage, and hormones given to farm animals. Reliable utilization of multivitamins and other key supplements will improve wellbeing and help avoid illness.

Also, when you’re controlling food portions and eating fewer carbs, you’re not taking in less of the vitamins and minerals you would normally get from the food that you’ve removed from your regular eating routine. Multivitamins will ensure you are still getting the nutrients you need.


You most likely realize that when you ingest any amount of protein, it gets processed in the stomach and digestive tract into singular amino acids and short chains of amino acids that are then able to enter the circulatory system.

BCAAs are of extraordinary value to a dieting athlete since they prevent the body going into a catabolic state and help to retain muscular mass, even during a calorie deficit.

These amino acids have sweeping impacts in the body from building and repairing tissues, to creating producing chemicals that empower our brains to work optimally and give you the vitality you need to boost your workouts while enhancing recuperation.

Whey Protein

Whey protein (the best type of protein) is mind boggling stuff. It enables the body to create amino acids which are utilized for building muscle tissue. Almost every weight lifter knows the significance of protein supplementation.

And the benefits are numerous. Not only does whey protein act as an antioxidant and boost the immune system, it also supports muscle building and helps to prevent catabolism.


Research shows that after seriously working out, glutamine levels in the body are diminished by as much as half. Since the body depends on glutamine as cellular, studies propose that glutamine supplementation can limit the breakdown of muscle tissue and enhance protein digestion.

Glutamine’s cell-volumizing impacts have additionally been supporting by research. An ongoing report recommends an important increment in development hormone levels when as little as 2 grams of freestyle L-glutamine supplement was ingested!

Since weight lifters utilize a considerable measure of their glutamine when working out, the body  depends heavily on this amino acid. Catabolism can happen if muscles are denied of glutamine. Therefore, glutamine supplementation is critical in keeping muscular mass and strength increasing and not weakening.

Nitric Oxide Booster

Nitric Oxide controls the flow of blood, and transmits messages between nerve cells. The way that nitric oxide improves blood flow should interest weight lifters especially, as increased blood flow  will serve to deliver more nutrients to the muscles, in this manner helping muscles grow when put under stress (training).

A supplement with Nitric Oxide will guarantee you get vasodilation (“pumps”), and elevating oxygen and nutrient delivery to your cells.